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Larry Byrd

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What Our Donors Over the World Are Saying

I am Nayana. I live with my mother, sister and brother in a place called Thrikkakara, Kochi. My father, aged 52, died suddenly from a heart attack last year. As I am classified as a Dalit Christian, I do not get priority for admission and reduced fees in government colleges under the reservation policies of the state government! My pastor wrote to KCF on my behalf for financial assistance for me to do Nursing studies. KCF kindly agreed to provide a grant and with the help of others, I started the course. I am grateful to KCF for their generosity in helping me and giving me hope and a sense of purpose for my life. You will never know how much of a relief this is for my widowed mother. Thank you and God bless your efforts in helping the poor in India.


In desperation, I cried, ‘Lord where does my help come from?’. I believe God answered my cry when KCF agreed to support my studies at Dr. DY Patil College of Nursing in Mumbai.
My name is Jincy Koshy. My parents cannot afford the fees for my studies. My father works for an organization that helps to rehabilitate women trapped in prostitution in the red-light districts of Mumbai. His salary is insufficient to fund my studies. With God’s help, I am determined to work hard and qualify as a nurse so that I can be of service to patients in their time of need. The assurance that KCF will continue to support me until completion of the course is a huge relief for me and my parents. Words are inadequate to express my gratitude to KCF and all its supporters

Jincy Koshy

Due to an unexpected financial disaster in my family, I was forced to discontinue my studies. On hearing my plight, a family friend who was visiting us from England stepped in to see if he could help me. He contacted KCF and with the help of a few of his friends, managed to raise sufficient funds for me to re-join the course. I am overwhelmed by such generosity.

I am currently in my 3rd year Nursing course at Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in Karnataka. I shall never forget the amazing generosity of ‘strangers’ who acted with compassion to enable me to continue my studies. I pray KCF will continue to bring hope and dignity to many like me; I will do my best to help others to continue this ‘chain of love’

Jitty Mariam Chacko

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